Antorus The Burning Throne - Mythic 11/11 - Master Loot

World Of Warcraft Character Boost

Take part in defeating Antorus, the Burning Throne – Mythic 11/11 – on Master Loot conditions.

You are guaranteed to receive if you haven’t cleared:

-Achievement Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker
(if it is your first time killing Argus on Mythic.)
– Special Quest Mount – Violet Spellwing 
– Legendary ilvl 1000 – Insignia of the Grand Army 
–AT LEAST 7 pieces of 960+ loot! This includes tier, relics, and trinkets.

You have a chance to receive:

Aman’Thul’s Vision (up to ilvl 1000)
– One of several best in slot role specific Pantheon trinkets.
– Antoran Charhound – A RARE mount from Felhounds of Sargeras.


You are not required to have any specific gear or ilvl. Remember that you’re getting a spot into our calendars and raid nights, so please let us know if you can’t make it beforehand so we can reschedule for another week or get a pilot for you. Piloting is free of charge for you if you do request it.

This package does not 100% promise WF/TF loot and that is left for the group running to decide.